Horse Stalls & Barns

  • Square Tube Stall Fronts & Dividers

    Square Tube Stall Fronts & Dividers

    Noble Square Tube Stall Fronts & Dividers are made out of 2" x 2" square galvanized steel with vertical round tube grills. They are custom built to your specifications using only the finest material available (see also: Stall Dividers).

  • Event Stall Fronts & Dividers

    Event Stall Fronts & Dividers

    Noble Event Stall Fronts & Dividers are made out of 1 7/8" OD round galvanized steel tube with horizontal bars. This is a high quality stall system at a very affordable price.

  • Stall Doors & Custom Grill Work

    Stall Doors & Custom Grill Work

    Noble Panels offers a Square Tube Stall Doors can be used as an interior stall door or as an exterior paddock door. We also manufacture a Dutch-Style Exterior Paddock Door (pre-hung in a door frame). Custom Stall Grills are also available for Fronts, Dividers or Window Grills.

  • Shedrow Event Stall Systems

    Shedrow Event Stall Systems

    A sequence of 12x12 Event Stalls in a side-by-side and back-to-back layout. A great economical solution for facilities who require the most number of covered stalls using the least amount of space.

  • Trainer Series Horse Barns

    Trainer Series Horse Barns

    Noble Trainer Series Barns is an easy to erect, pre-fabricated modular stall barn. It is expandable and can be added onto at any time. The interior of the barn can be customized with tack rooms or open hay storage bays as well as 12x12 or 12x24 stalls.

  • Other Noble Products

    Barn and Stall Ammenities

    Don't forget other Noble products that can help you organize your barn.

    Saddle Racks     Bridle Racks     Blanket Bars     Hitching Posts
    Box Fan Frame    Corner Feeders