Solid Side/Back with Event Front Shelter

Protect your animals all four seasons of the year!
Open Front Shelter Solid Back

Solid Side/Back with Event FrontSolid Side/Back with Event Front

This shelter measures 12' wide x 12' deep and includes an additional 2' roof overhang in the front. This shelter is 8' high at the front and slopes down to 7' high at the back. Sold as a frame-only kit (does not include wood or roof metal). Noble shelters must be anchored (see Anchor Kit).

Noble Shelters are designed and built to protect your animals during all four seasons of the year. They provide a warm dry shelter through the fall and winter and a cool shaded retreat during spring and summer months.

We use a heavy 15 gauge Round Galvanized Steel Tube to manufacture our shelters. Both the 1 7/8" diameter and 1 5/8" diameter material we fabricate with is milled to our specifications, and is made right here in the USA. We chose this material for it's superior strength and longevity. A round tube is stronger than a square or rectangular tube of equal weight and size. Like all Noble products, our shelters have a galvanized finish for unequalled rust protection.

Noble Shelters are quick and easy to erect. They come with a set of easy to read instructions and all hardware needed to assemble (less wood and roof material). For our solid wall shelters, we even include a set of plywood cut diagrams and our recommendations for roof material. Shelter walls are assembled with our proven clamp system, using a 9/16" wrench. Our shelters may be anchored with our Concrete Anchor Kit (sold seperately).

Noble Shelters with solid walls are fabricated to accept 3/4" plywood of any grade. A unique plywood mounting tab is used to secure each piece of wood in place. The plywood is cut to size (as per cut diagram) and is mounted against these mounting tabs with a T-Nut and Machine Screw (supplied in each installation kit). This design allows each sheet of wood to be recessed inside the wall panel. There are no exposed edges or corners of wood for livestock to chew or crib on. When installed, each piece of wood will have a small air gap around its perimeter (approximately 1/8" to 1/4"). These perimeter openings offer solutions to commonly asked questions regarding lighting and ventilation. First, animals are most likely to enter a shelter when there is some lighting visible, ie. not a dark hole or box. Second, health issues arise when livestock are contained in poorly ventilated areas. Body heat and moisture can create health problems for many different animals where there is little ventilation.

Noble Shelters are expandable. With our modular design you may attach additional shelters to existing ones or you can change the design or layout of a previously erected Noble Shelter. Any wall can be made to be solid (wood ready), railed (5 or 6 rail panel/gate), or full open for walk-through.